temper [handmade edition] (2008)

limited to 25 copies, each packaged in a 5" tape reel box
** sold out **


hand-stamped / numbered color swatch
cover image badge
polaroid photograph
hand-dyed watercolor sheet
lyric sheet
factory-made disc

also available: kranky [standard] edition

ragged tint (2m54s)
ahn (2m37s)
sweep generator (2m04s)
golden grin (2m56s)
the loom pedal (2m36s)
ardoise (1m32s)
physic (3m10s)
modèle d'éclat (2m23s)
idyll (1m55s)
brown bess (3m06s) [mp3]
cycle disparaissant (1m44s)
a woolgathering exodus (3m25s)
détruisons tout (1m17s)
loupe (2m44s)
tapyre (1m35s)
hesperus (3m00s)

[more tracks available via myspace]